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For two years, I (Jessica Beels) oversaw an Earth Day project at my kids’ school, where children and their families were given the month or two before Earth Day to collect recyclables and clean garbage in order to make an art piece for submission to judges (a volunteer panel of parents and teachers) on Earth Day.  This page will help you organize a recycled art project (RAP) for your school or community. 
I have included a general write up of the scope of the project with suggested parameters and guidelines, a list of possible creative award categories (as well as a mockup of an award certificate), and a sample form for judges to use to keep track of notes and evaluations:

General description of the project.  Feel free to use this as a model for a letter launching your own project – Recycled Art Project Description

Judging form – SampleJudgingFormRAP

List of suggested award types/titles – SuggestedAwardsRAP

Sample award certificate – SampleAwardCertRAP

Of course you can change any of the guidelines and deadlines.  These materials should simply help you get started.  I am happy to provide more details and suggestions to anyone interested in getting a project rolling.  Just use the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Have fun!  It’s amazing what wonderful objects people can produce with a deadline and an open mind.



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