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Jan/Feb 2011 – Books, real and imagined

We are starting out the new year with a bit of back-pedalling.  How can we berate our readers for not submitting their work when we have been absent for almost three months??

So, the next two months are all about books.  It’s an easy out for us, since we have a few nice new additions for the resources pages.  But even these objects may become recyclable trash some day, so we invite all submissions related to books:  new resources related to recycling and reusing materials for art, new resources related to recycling in general, art work that reused books, art work that makes books out of alternative materials, etc.

NEW BOOKS (also added to the Resources page):

Cy Tymony, Sneakiest Uses for Everyday Objects, (Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC, 2007) – Also, Sneaky Uses… and Sneakier Uses… by the same author.  Fun projects for the scientists, experimenter, hoarder, fidgeter in you.

Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander, Trash Origami (Tuttle Publishing, 2010) – A great place to start if you need a nudge for the Nov/Dec 2010 Wrappers/Packing challenge. Beautiful and sometimes simple ways to reuse anything from wrapping paper to potato chip bags.


If you are resuing books: shred, fold, rip, tear, cut, burn, carve, bind, balance, print, etc.

If you are making books out of other materials: the sky’s the limit.


You may add comments here about the material (frustrations, triumphs, specific resources, etc.) all month long as you experiment, or you may wait until the end of the month.  Text-only comments about working with newspaper can be added at the very bottom of THIS PAGE.  If you have commented on this blog before, your comment will be posted immediately.  If you are new to the blog, your comment will go through the Administrator for approval.
If you wish to submit a final project or summarizing comment (especially if you want to include images or links), we suggest that you do it in the form of a post on the sub-page, since those posts (unlike the more simply formatted comments on this page) can contain links and/or images.  If you wish to add a post, please contact the Administrator through the contact form immediately below and we will tell you what to do to get your post published.

Contact form for posting images and links about reused cardboard:


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