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January 2010 – Aluminum baking pans

This page and a similarly titled Submissions sub-page will show the experiments, thoughts, and final submissions using aluminum baking pans. Please submit projects by January 31.  We plan to post submissions within the first week of February.
Find a creative way to use the baking pans and pie tins from Thanksgiving and other winter holidays.  Yes, other heavier aluminum trays are allowed (Sara Lee cake trays, for instance).  By January, you should be able to accumulate anywhere from one to a whole truck load.  NOTE!  We are avoiding aluminum soda cans and tin foil this time.  They will have their chance down the line.

As usual, you may do what you wish to explore the material.  You may build a life-sized igloo out of pie tins if you wish (and can find enough used material), but even then, try make the elements self-connecting, or use some other creative way to connect the elements.

Since (cleaned) aluminum is recyclable in many jurisdictions, please follow the guidelines re. keeping the final pieces still-recyclable.  And please remember to recycle all unused materials once you are done with this month’s project(s).

And we would like to issue a two-part challenge:

1) Use only one crinkled heavy aluminum item (one pie tin, one turkey baking pan, one SaraLee cake tray)

2) Keep it in one piece (cut it, fold it, etc., but do not cut any of it into separate pieces)

An alternative to #2 is that if you cut it into more than one piece, you must use all of the pieces together again to form a new whole.


Here are some verbs that may be helpful to you as you start to play with the material and explore its possibilities:

cut, rip, wrap around, puncture, twist, interlace, fold, bend, crumple, flatten, poke through, fold, incise, roll, twist, …


You may add comments here about the material (frustrations, triumphs, specific resources, etc.) all month long as you experiment, or you may wait until the end of the month.  Text-only comments about working with newspaper can be added at the very bottom of THIS PAGE.  If you have commented on this blog before, your comment will be posted immediately.  If you are new to the blog, your comment will go through the Administrator for approval.
If you wish to submit a final project or summarizing comment (especially if you want to include images or links), we suggest that you do it in the form of a post on the sub-page, since those posts (unlike the more simply formatted comments on this page) can contain links and/or images.  If you wish to add a post, please contact the Administrator through the contact form immediately below and we will tell you what to do to get your post published.

Contact form for posting images and links about aluminum tins and baking pans:

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