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How to Join the Blog

Anyone is welcome to participate by playing with the monthly material, however, in order to keep some control over what is posted, please note the following:

If you have a comment (text only) about the blog in general or information on any page, then just post a comment on the relevant page using the comments link on that page and, if it is constructive, it is likely to be published.  

All posts in all categories appear on the All Beyond Garbage Posts page.  If you click on a post’s category (in the lower right-hand corner of that post), you will be linked to the entire list of posts on that subject.

The main page for each material contains information about that month’s project and may include general comments.  If you are a casual observer who would like to make a comment, the material’s main page is the place to do it.  

Each monthly project will have a separate sub-page for (more specific) posts relating to that material.If you would like to describe your own experience with the material or share an image of something you have made, this is the place to do it.  Posts on materials sub-pages can be text-only or contain links and/or images and must be approved by the Administrator before they are published.  Use the form below to contact the Administrator if you want to submit posts to monthly materials sub-pages. Even if you think the post’s category is obvious, please be sure to include it in the information you submit. 

Upon receiving your request to post, we will tell you how to send in the information and/or images so that we can re-route and post them.  Eventually, you may be approved as an Author and be allowed to post your own images on the monthly sub-pages without the roundabout approval and posting process.  

Note that you may also comment on posts, so if you have a reaction or suggestion relating to a particular post on a sub-page, that’s the place to leave it.

Please understand that we do not intend to exclude people or to over-judge your work.  Rather, we need to make sure the blog isn’t overrun with enthusiastic, but perhaps repetitive, entries.  Once we have a sense of who is involved, where this blog is going, and the ins and outs of blog writing, these rules may change.  But for now, please bear with us.


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