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Sept/Oct 2010 – Yellow/Orange/Red

This page and a similarly titled Submissions sub-page will show the experiments, thoughts, and final submissions using anything yellow, orange, and/or red. This is in honor of the changing leaf colors many people get to witness during the autumn months.  You are by no means limited to making work in this category only during these months.  Just use the reference as a starting point and run with it.

All reused materials are welcome.  If you have a particular reason for choosing a certain material, please tell us all about it.  Please submit projects by October 31.  We will post submissions as they arrive starting the first week of November.


Those plastic netted bags that fruits and vegetables come in (great colors, intriguing mesh); junk mail (always colorful!); old clothes (change of seasons, clear out the closet).

VERBS: For this category, almost any verb applies.


You may add comments here about the material (frustrations, triumphs, specific resources, etc.) all month long as you experiment, or you may wait until the end of the month.  Text-only comments about working with newspaper can be added at the very bottom of THIS PAGE.  If you have commented on this blog before, your comment will be posted immediately.  If you are new to the blog, your comment will go through the Administrator for approval.
If you wish to submit a final project or summarizing comment (especially if you want to include images or links), we suggest that you do it in the form of a post on the sub-page, since those posts (unlike the more simply formatted comments on this page) can contain links and/or images.  If you wish to add a post, please contact the Administrator through the contact form immediately below and we will tell you what to do to get your post published.

Contact form for posting images and links about reused cardboard:

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