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Back in 2009, when this project started, we focused on one primary recyclable/reusable material every two months.  In order to give people time to collect material and take the time necessary to really focus on producing interesting work, we tried to publish the list a few months in advance.  You are welcome to use these pages from earlier projects as prompts for your own exploration! If you work on a material that is not the current topic for the 2020 reboot of this project, I will try to post images as soon as possible, but the current material will get priority.  Please feel free to send in comments about your experience working with materials before you are “finished” – is it hard to work with? Can yo work with it on its own, or do you need to use other materials to make it ?work? (do you always need glue or tape when working with paper? Any way to work around that? Etc.) Note that projects using any material will most likely not be posted until the week after that material is posted.

No one is required to work in any or every material.  Participation is purely voluntary.  The purpose of this project is to loosen up the creative process and have fun while reusing materials and lightening our load on the planet. I also hope that his project will spark more creative uses of materials and heighten awareness of the world around us, its transient nature, and the need to preserve it.

Anyone is welcome to try their hand at playing with the proposed materials.  If you make something you want to post, send an image and description of materials and process, as well as some info about yourself (optional).  The point of this project is to explore and discover, not to feel bound by rules, but for the sake of some consistency, please try to follow the rules as outlined in the guidelines.  I withhold the right to delete anything that is totally off base or offensive (and yes, we know those judgments are subjective).

The following list contains links to the pages addressing comments and posts about specific materials (to be updated):

November 2009 – Description/vocabulary/challenge project for Plastic Bags project

November 2009 – Posts about plastic bags

December 2009 – Description/vocabulary/challenge project for Newspaper

December 2009 – Posts about Newspaper

January 2010 – Description/vocabulary/challenge project for Aluminum (pie tins and baking pans)

January 2010 – Posts about Aluminum (Pie Tins, etc.)

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  1. December 21, 2010 1:38 am

    This is just great. I will start as a lurker but hope to participate.

  2. December 7, 2011 7:25 pm

    Hi, I work for a company that cleans out foreclosed homes in Minnesota. The amount and variety of rubbish left behind is mind-boggling. While we don’t make physical items out of the garbage, I do take pictures of the details that residents who lost their homes left behind. Please take a look at our blog to see if perhaps our trash art project is something you’d be interested in posting. Thank you.

    • January 25, 2012 5:29 pm

      Thanks for your post! Sorry about my slow response. Your blog has some beautiful images on it. I definitely consider that related. All the best



  1. Rebooting and expanding this project in light of COVID-19 | Beyond Garbage Blog

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