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July/Aug 2010 – Technical/Technology Roadkill

This page and a similarly titled Submissions sub-page will show the experiments, thoughts, and final submissions using old, broken, or defunct bits of technology – hardware, electronic items, found objects. Please submit projects by August 31.  We plan to post submissions within the first week of September.

Should this be called Technical Roadkill or Technology Roadkill?  Some of the objects and materials folks could use over the next two months could have been literally (technically)  killed on the road (smashed CDs, squashed bits of metal, broken window glass, etc.).  But you could also focus on dead bits of technology (the stereo you don’t can’t use any more, the remote that you dropped and broke, old CDs, audio tapes, plugs and cords to machines that are long dead and gone, etc.).  It’s up to you to interpret the meaning.  Use the open-endedness of the project to your advantage.  If you want to use only car-squashed aluminum cans, go for it.  If you want to use only that box of dead tidbits in your study closet, go for it.  If you want to raid your collection of hardware pieces that “might be useful” but haven’t been for the past ten years, OK.  Just have fun and try not to buy anything you use.  Renew, reuse, recycle.

Obviously, most of this stuff is not recyclable in the first place, so that “try to keep the finished product recyclable” plea doesn’t apply this time around.  Still, let’s try to be responsible and not make a bad situation worse (careful about battery fluid and other materials that should be disposed of properly).

VERBS (really, anything goes, since almost any material is permissible, but here are a few that differ somewhat from previous lists):

Weld, bolt, rivet, stamp, unscrew, smash, fuse, entangle.


A no-brainer for this category is Leo Sewell.  He was recently interviewed on crafthaus in the article  Leo Sewell – Junk Sculptor.

His work is amazing, and he has a website as well.

The following is copied from the Related Stories page of this blog…because it is absolutely related to this material:



As an abstract sculptor, mostly using industrial materials, I am drawn to the wire/metal detritus I find on the city’s streets, alleys, and sidewalks.   I pick these pieces up because their shapes or their patinas are appealing.  (It helps to have a plastic bag along to put these in so that they don’t leave rust/dirt/etc. on the other things in my purse or pockets.)

Transparent One

I bring the pieces back to the studio and think about various ways to use them, but often they simply accumulate in a box.  When I enthusiastically showed some to the painter with whom I shared a studio, he began to collect others for me and, as he came to the studio through an alley by an auto repair shop, I learned about brake pads and other auto parts.  Another friend who knew I got excited by street findings surprised me at my door bearing a piece that looked like a bale of wire that had been run over by a truck and lay in the gutter rusting — a great treasure!

Midtown Marriage

Once, when a solo show of my “serious” sculpture emptied my studio, I brought out my box of street findings, spread them on the table and, suddenly, began to see them as city people.  (Putting them together is often difficult; I’ve experimented with various glues; some work better than others.)  The finished “city folk” have great personality that cries to be expressed.  They often pair off which each other or form a related group.  But they can each stand (or dance) on their own.

Sometimes, the found street detritus, like the broken glasses, just become a piece on their own.


More to follow on this subject, I’m sure.  Send in ideas and comments and we will update this page!


You may add comments here about the material (frustrations, triumphs, specific resources, etc.) all month long as you experiment, or you may wait until the end of the month.  Text-only comments about working with newspaper can be added at the very bottom of THIS PAGE.  If you have commented on this blog before, your comment will be posted immediately.  If you are new to the blog, your comment will go through the Administrator for approval.
If you wish to submit a final project or summarizing comment (especially if you want to include images or links), we suggest that you do it in the form of a post on the sub-page, since those posts (unlike the more simply formatted comments on this page) can contain links and/or images.  If you wish to add a post, please contact the Administrator through the contact form immediately below and we will tell you what to do to get your post published.

Contact form for posting images and links about reused cardboard:

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