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Rebooting and expanding this project in light of COVID-19

March 15, 2020

Come one, come all! Let’s play with reusable materials as they pile up in our houses and we all need constructive and creative things to do!

I am rebooting the Beyond Garbage Project as a virtual collective repository for people interested in using reusing materials for art (anyone – kids, adults, not just artists!). It showcases what we are making at home with the clean garbage we are creating during our relative isolation during the COVID-19 global pandemic and, I hope, beyond. The information that is already on this site can be used as a resource (see the Materials section and links) and I welcome any suggestions of other sites and resources to link in the Resources section.

I am restarting regular updates by uploading posts with new weekly (at least) materials prompts. If you have an idea for which materials to use (especially ones that are likely to be produced by many households). We will revisit some of the categories from 2009, since that was a LONG time ago and we just scratched the surface then.

It may take a little while for me to finesse the logistics of rebooting this blog and figuring out the best way to sort and post entries, so I appreciate your patience and welcome suggestions as we go forward!

Consider this preparation for Earth Day, April 22, and let’s brainstorm something we can do collectively for that day.

Let’s join to make a creative community focused on reducing household waste and exploring the changing world we live in.


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