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Thing-a-Day – a month will just have to be enough…lesson learned

February 27, 2015

I made it through a month and then realized that, while this is great fun, it is distracting me from larger projects with pressing deadlines. Despite high hopes, this was not the year that I would be able to complete an entire year of this sort of project. Maybe a month was enough time to figure out how I benefit from that sort of intense focus, as well as how I need a more flexible creative environment.  Long story short, I need to back away from the deadlines and get back to letting the work flow more organically.

My practice still involves daily small-scale focus – it always has – but I am having trouble getting away from the concept of completing something daily (let alone blogging about it!). I know I gave myself some slack, but I couldn’t take it – an interesting thing to learn.  I just dropped the ball and backed away.

The blogging in particular was taking too much planning. So apologies if you look for regular posts. I will add bits when they are most compelling and relate more closely to using recycled materials, and when I have time!

This is all part of figuring out how to balance concrete goals with more freeform exploration.  Thanks for coming along for the ride. Will post more as it happens.

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