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Thing-a-Day – January 16 – visit to a craft show

January 24, 2015

Day 16 of the Thing-a-Day Challenge

Materials: the excuse of helping a friend in her booth, the time to do it

OK.   I will admit I am cheating a bit on this one, but the American Made show was just too tempting and my friend Karin Abromaitis needed a little booth help.  She makes beautiful ceramic window bowls and copper jewelry.


dconstructPhoneCaseI guess what I “made” was a visit to see a huge amount of wholesale crafts at the DC Convention Center.

Many of the artists incorporated recycled or eco-friendly materials and processes.  Two that stood out were Spiritex, a clothing company from North Carolina that thuses organic and responsibly sourced/grown fabrics and dyes. Who wouldn’t love a t-shirt printed with an image from Ernest Haeckel’s Artforms in Nature?

I was also drawn to the eco-conscious materials used by dconstruct.  I wasn’t really able to take photos (no-no in many shows, especially wholesale, where artists are worried about people lifting their ideas).  But Sean Reico let me take a photo of his cool phone cases (on the left) made from recycled resin with embedded objects (yes those are tiny washers and real leaves).


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