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Thing-a-Day – January 12 – mini rubber bands (aka failure is OK too)

January 14, 2015

Day 12 of the Thing-a-Day Challenge

Materials: tiny rubber bands supposed to be used for hair (bought a few years ago when my daughter and I both had longer hair)

So…they don’t work on our (thick curly Caucasian) hair, since they are very small and the rubber rips out the hair when you (try to) take them out.  They have been sitting in my bureau drawer waiting for the day I either 1) get around to asking someone else whether they can use them (opened box of hair accessories – yuck?), 2) figure out what to do with them, or 3) throw them away.

box of bandsNaturally, I was determined to do #2 – figure out what to do with them.  Upon further investigation (hadn’t looked at them for a few years), I (re)discovered that they are fairly flimsy (won’t withstand much stretching) and vary in circumference (1/3″ to 3/4″ diameter) and thickness. Therefore, they wouldn’t be really useful functioning as regular rubber bands.

rubber3I sat down to try to figure out how to attach them to themselves, and started the traditional looped knotting that one can do with stringy/stretchy circular stuff.  The bands twist around each other in an intriguing but annoying way.  One string of loops didn’t have enough heft, so I tried making a few strings coming from one end point – maybe could be a bracelet eventually?  Yeah… a cool rubber wiggly bracelet!!

But I got bored really fast and realized that I was forcing some version of a square peg into a variety of round hole (or visa versa), and decided that for once maybe I can throw something away.


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  1. January 23, 2015 12:40 am

    Oh, the liberation of deciding that, occasionally, it’s okay to submit to the trash-industrial complex!

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