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Thing-a-Day – January 5 – knitted Wormhole tube

January 8, 2015

Day 5 of the Thing-a-Day Challenge

Materials: Leftover yarn, large knitting needles

YarnThis thing has actually taken me more than one day to complete, but I am being very hard on myself and only counting it as one thing.  I decided to contribute to Samantha Rausch‘s Wormhole installation for the Arlington Arts Center. It is a yarnbombing project, and after my happy experience working on the bridge installation in Brookland last year, I couldn’t resist.

Here is a Washington Post article about the Brookland project, as well as Ward 5 blog write-up that includes a photo of part of the final installation.

I committed to making a 6-foot tube for the Wormhole, and although I am a very fast knitter and used chunky yarn and large needles, this was another case of biting off more than I can chew (in one day at least). I am once again knocking myself over the head for choosing to do something that requires more time than I really had planned spending on a peripheral activity.  “Just say yes” is not always the best advice, even if the process is fun.

My tube includes yarn I spun and dyed in 1988 (yes, that long ago – the salmon/brown two-ply slubby yarn), leftover balls of green yarn from a sweater I made some time in the 90s, and a few bits of other chunky yarn I had lying around. I decided to stop trying to incorporate too many varieties of yarn after a few early attempts.  I was excited to use up the extra bits, but ran into an issue of the gauge changing as I switched types of yarn…  How many years have I been knitting – 40??  Surely I could have seen this problem coming.  In any event, despite a somewhat lumpy result, I am happy with with piece.  It will be one of many in the project and will stretch over the tubing and probably look just fine in the end. I look forward to seeing it installed later this month!

If you are near Arlington Arts Center between January 24 and April 5, 2015, drop by to see it!

yarn tube

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