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Thing-a-Day – January 4 – words on stones (Weigh your Words)

January 8, 2015

Day 4 of the Thing-a-Day Challenge

Materials: Mexican river stones (sold in ~50-lb. bags at gardening stores); overbeaten flax pulp/sheets; permanent pen

Today’s thing is actually 26 things. I finally finished another batch of new stones for the Weigh your Words project I started two years ago for Artomatic and then revived for Figment NY. I had covered these stones a few months ago and then laid them aside, distracted by the seemingly overwhelming task of deciding which words to put on these stones, since my list of “new” words is over 100 words long.

Stones Jan 2015

Of course, it doesn’t matter which words I add first.  The goal is to put the entire list of words on stones eventually, and even then the list will continue to grow.

Stones w Words Jan 2015

The impetus to get this task done is that I am revamping the Weigh your Words project in anticipation of doing some trial sessions with groups of school children, veterans, and/or recovering patients to see how the project can work as a tool for poetry writing, mediation, and other healing processes.  This is one of my planned activities related to a DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities grant I received for 2015.

Perhaps this Thing-a-Day project is going to end up being a meditation on focus and simplicity.  I am already learning quite a bit about what makes me excited to work and what trips me up.  I consistently try to make things that are overcomplicated (check out the thing for January 5!) and lose sight of the joy in the simple act of creating.  This activity helped me execute a basic decision and move a pile of objects on hold into a box of things that are ready for the next iteration of the project.

Now I need to get back to the Weigh your Words blog and update the word list.  Always something still to do….



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