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Long silence…time for books

January 1, 2011


Well, wouldn’t you know it!  As soon as we get a nice award for being so fabulous, we have to take a little self-imposed sabbatical.  What it all comes down to is overcommitment.  The powers that be behind this blog had too much to do and let this poor site slip.  Plus, no one sent any posts to add, so…  The as-yet blank categories proposed for July through December (Technical Roadkill, Yellow/Orange/Red, and Wrappers/Packaging – all sorts) are still open for submissions.  And cross your fingers for some nifty info and updates on those subjects over the next month or so.

Now.  In the interest of simplifying things a bit, January and February are going to be book months.  If anyone wants to submit an image of or comments about work made reusing books, great.  Perhaps even more inventive would be submissions of art/craft making books from alternative materials (preferably reused).  But another option is simply to post books that are good resources for this site.

Here’s to a creative and inventive 2011.  May this site inspire you to do new work with old stuff, or even just to pick up that smushed aluminum can off the sidewalk, and if you can’t think of anything to do with it yourself, or some other creative person to give it to, then please recycle it and know that you’ve made a tiny contribution to the earth.

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