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Pie party

January 17, 2010

I am pleased to announce that my self-serving plan of having lunch with friends while getting a jumpstart on the pie tin exploration paid off.  I’ve still got a few more pie tins (thanks to Tryst on 18th Street in Adams Morgan for kindly saving their empties for me!) and the month is only half over.  Three of us met at Busboys and Poets (14th and V Streets, NW) for lunch and then got into the aluminum.

We each work in different media and with different sensibilities and that came out in how we explored the material – precisely why I wanted to play in a group.  Paige (illustrator) started making more figurative objects, cutting distinct shapes and reforming the material; Pat (painter and photographer) was as interested in taking pictures of the surface of the tins as in manipulating the material itself; I (sculptor and jeweler) went straight for turning the  flattish object into a spiral strand that in turn spiraled around itself (comfort in the familiar, I guess, since much of my work in other media incorporates spirals).  I, too, was fascinated with the reflective surface of the aluminum.  It is a difficult material to photograph, but yields some beautiful effects.  All of the images in this post are mine, and yes, Paige and Pat have promised to send in their images, as well.

This was not the ideal setting to really get into the work, but the food was good and we weren’t pressured by the waitress to move on quickly (long live the relaxed coffee house atmosphere!).  Still, I felt this was only the beginning for me.  I liked working with aluminum much more than working with newspaper, and I am glad to have more time this month for further exploration.  I strongly encourage other participants to try experimenting in a small group – and take pictures!

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