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New Year

January 8, 2010

The official new year never really feels like a beginning to me, maybe since I have kids and in my brain the new year starts in September with the new school year.  But, since it is an officially recognized restart of the calendar, what the hey.  I hereby resolve to do a better job at focusing on the monthly materials.  So…I have organized the first (of many, I hope) monthly lunch get-together to meet with friends who might like to play.  That way we’ll have a focused hour to do SOMETHING with pie tins and other aluminum objects, as well as an opportunity to catch up.  I have chosen to meet at noon at Busboys and Poets (15 and V Street, NW) next Thursday, January  14.  It’s a community-minded restaurant/bookstore/music and poetry venue with (some) big tables and a relaxed atmosphere.  Maybe some of the other people lunching there will join us or pick up a card and check out the blog.  If all goes well, maybe other meetings will crop up (you are all welcome to organize something similar in your own neck of the woods) and a whole mess of work will get done.  But one is enough, and I am looking forward to a small jumpstart next week.   Happy New Year!

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