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Who doesn’t love a grid?

December 12, 2009

I had a lot of false starts with this project. I took the ‘no additives’ part of the assignment as a strict rule — so my initial plans for a stitched/stapled translucent quilt had to be scrapped. Instead, I tried a number of textile techniques with softer bags (mostly the blue ones from my NY Times delivery): weaving, twining, rug-knotting. Wasn’t happy with any of the results.

I’ve been awed by the work of Korean textile artist Yeonsoon Chang, which are miraculous (but contain the forbidden element of GLUE).  I decided to attempt something without glue in homage to her amazing translucent woven grids. I switched to a stiffer plastic shopping bag, which I cut into narrow strips and created a grid by piercing the verticals with a needle and threading the horizontal strips through. (The photos are of my second version, by which time I’d already figured out how to speed up the process, by piercing a whole stack of verticals at one go.) Like my current non-garbage work, it ended up being a piece that is about an object and its shadow.

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