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Coral Reefs – a plea and a project AND crocheted plastic

December 9, 2009

Since the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference is underway, here are two videos about coral reefs that, when taken together, beautifully combine the goals of this blog to heighten awareness of green issues and explore the creative use of materials:

One is a video about the future of coral reefs from the point of view of a child in 2065 looking back at what we could have done (now) to save them.

The Toxic Reef installed at Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles (2009). Featuring hanging plastic trash kelp forest by Christine Wertheim and Evelyn Hardin. In front is the Rubbish Vortex, crocheted entirely from used plastic shopping bags by Helle Jorgensen. (Photo from the IFF Archives by Francine McDougall).

The other is a talk by Margaret Wertheim that describes the math behind coral growth through crochet.  The project to build coral reef awareness through crocheting reef replicas is amazing.   Wertheim’s Institute for Figuring is a wonderful idea, and this link includes more images of the crocheted reefs and background info about coral reefs.   She includes information about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and the crocheted jellyfish and toxic reef are made with discarded bags.  Of course, it would be even better if all of the crocheted coral was made from reclaimed discarded sweaters (right Lia and Sadelle?) but no one’s perfect…yet.

"A Week's Shopping" - crochet coral form made from plastic bags acquired on a trip to the supermarket by Margaret and Christine during a single week in March 2008.


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