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Talkin’ trash

November 30, 2009

If we’re discussing garbage are we talkin’ trash?   I did everything to the garbage bags that I could think of.   I tried burning them and that didn’t work and probably the fumes aren’t great for you.   I tried fusing them into a long piece but that didn’t hold up to any serious manipulation. I was going to try turning them into a light (they’re so nicely translucent) but (see above) I couldn’t get a large enough and strong enough single piece.    So, in the end I wove them, tied them, knitted them (with the help of my sister Anne), braided them and shredded them.  It’s a wall hanging!

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  1. Susan Eisner permalink
    December 16, 2009 9:05 pm

    I love what you are doing and your description of your process.
    I would be interested in seeing what the “assignments” are every month (quarter??) and maybe joining in jmyself. What a terrific way to be nudged to stay in the studio and share thoughts and creactions with other artists. Exciting!!

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