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…ideally, still recyclable, but…

November 18, 2009

So far, the most common questions about working with the plastic bags have revolved around whether or not using other materials is permitted.  And the answer is:  Ideally, no.  This is in part because we hope that all final pieces (when made from recyclable materials) will still be recyclable.  It would be somewhat hypocritical to use recyclables to make something unrecyclable…  

Also, re. our focus on process over product, there is a bit more of a challenge if participants are limited to one material.  They are encouraged to really focus on the intrinsic qualities of that material, rather than just play around.

But, one of the other points of this project is to loosen up and enjoy exploring materials.

So, for now, let’s say we’re not being too picky, and we’ll see where the project takes us.  The central idea that started this project was more focused on the artistic process than the recyclable materials aspect (that came from not wanting to encourage people to buy new supplies and spend money and other resources).  Some of the materials we use may well be only reused and not recyclable, rendering the “still recyclable” rule irrelevant.  But the “buy no new materials” rule still applies.

Onward!  Looking forward to seeing what turns up in a week or so…

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